Quality and Guarantee

Why choose us?

Because professional furniture has characteristics that makes them better and more durable.
     1. Size
                 The low furniture has evolved and is now larger and more comfortable.  It has taken advantage of the space left on the legs (before, 16 cm) and has managed to create a piece of furniture of 80 cm in height and only 10 cm of legs, maximizing storage and increasing 4 cm of the height of the counter, adapting to the new trends.
    2. Interior structure of the helmet 
                   The interior of the cabinet has also made a leap of impressive quality, all of our kitchens incorporate 19mm thick inner helmets (20% more than before), which means that the robustness and durability of the helmet are assured.
    3. Hardware 
                     It is important to equip the furniture with some hardware at these levels.  Our kitchens are equipped with the best of the Blum and Hettich market.  We take care of every detail, from hangings to the most modern electronic opening systems.  No element is left to chance and all the fitting are selected to provide quality furniture that allows us to offer you a first level product.

Kitchen & Style 5 YEAR Guarantee in Furniture

We know the importance of durability in kitchen furniture, so we make sure that it is insured.  Our kitchens include a full warranty period of 5 years from the date of purchase, which Will protect you from any manufacturing defects that may arise during this period.

Kitchen & Style pampers the quality of all its kitchen equipment, for which we work with factories with quality controls verified by international labels, together with our experience of 15 years in the sector.

Repair or replacement of the product (fronts and interiors) 5 years
Labor 5 years
Travel expenses 5 years
Interior fittings 5 years


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