Kitchen layout: how to distribute it?

Kitchen layout: how to distribute it?

Your Kitchen space, what layout works best?

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes but one thing that rings true for all is that they are unique according to their owners lifestyles. So feel inspired and reach for the stars when thinking of what your dream kitchen should include. But first let’s talk about your space.

The Space.

Let’s work with what you’ve got. Pinterest is a wonderful start and a great way to get inspired, but remember to keep it real and really think about your space before deciding on a layout. A design unique to your space is based on so many factors like do you want to combine prep areas and cooking with dining and living areas. What are you must-haves? Do you love wine? Do you host the best dinner parties? All of this is important when deciding on your layout, which is the first step to creating your best kitchen.
The layout will depend on your space available for example an elongated rectangular space and an open concept kitchen will call for different designs. The space may call for one long countertop or a 3 meter island that includes the stovetop and sink. Our goal here is to study the space and design the most optimal layout for that kitchen and owner. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens so the goal is to find the right balance between natural light, working space, and efficiency.

The 3 Pillars and Flow

Now consider the placement of the 3 pillars of work to create a work space with flow.


These 3 spaces have the heaviest traffic day-in and day-out and should be thoughtfully placed. Keeping them close together will keep your kitchen cleaner, more organised, and facilitate a smoother workflow.
Getting your layout right is the first step to those beautiful dinner parties you have always dreamed about. We can help you get it right. Let’s talk.