5 Major Advantages of having an Open Concept Kitchen

5 Major Advantages of having an Open Concept Kitchen

Are they a trend or is this concept here to stay? We vote for the latter because who doesn’t like natural light and watching their kids play while preparing dinner? We are big fans of open concept kitchens, of course only when the space calls for such a kitchen. Let’s count the 5 advantages for considering an open concept kitchen:

  1. Open kitchens help lower electricity bills

Less walls, more natural light! Add all the sunlight from your living room and kitchen together and you’ll be hearing “Walking on Sunshine” every day. Some traditional kitchens are so dark that they always need counter lights when preparing food. More natural light and less ceiling lights for the home owners that opt for an open concept.

  1. Cooking aromas happen but they disappear fast too

Some may look at this as a disadvantage but we see the possibilities to dissipate the escaped smells more quickly. Better air flow allows for fresh air to whisk all the baked fish aroma out the window.

  1. Add a partition

Have the best of both worlds by adding a partition that allows you to close off part of your kitchen when it suits you. You can also play with the size of your kitchen giving more space to either your living room or kitchen depending on your needs.

  1. Open concept gives you views

If you have kids you know that multitasking is a must and dinner prep is less stressful if you have a clear view of your little rascals. Open concept kitchens give you this advantage and all the moms and dads in the world breath easier for it!

  1. Be your own Master Chef in your own Showcase kitchen  

Cooking is more fun when it’s a social event. Your kitchen also turns into part of your house decor so think – glass storage spaces to show off your fine china that’s been hidden away since your wedding! Cooking as a family is suddenly an option, which are such precious moments you’ll treasure forever.
Open concept kitchens are here to stay and we love it! If your space allows it we encourage you to explore the option because as you can see the pros outweigh the cons. Want to see more examples? Come visit us!